Inspired by emerging digital government initiatives from interstate and abroad, we felt it time for WA to further embrace this movement.

We decided a good start might be to build a series of modular website templates to share with everyone.

This is a public and open work in progress which we'll continue to develop with the following in mind.

Desk with coffee cup

Optimise service delivery

I'm sure you've heard the phrase... 'Everything takes longer in government'. We want building websites to become an exception to this rule.

Some pens and paper

Contribute and connect

There's a unique culture of sharing and collaborating within our industry. We hope to encourage more of this within the government. It's time to climb out of those silos.

Wirefame skecth

Make mistakes

...and learn from then. If you finish a project, look back at your work and see nothing to improve on, you're doing it wrong. As it evolves, this project is a continual learning experience.

Pencils and post its


Done is better than perfect. There was no dilly-dallying here. Plenty of time for design iteration and code review later, eh? We want to get something out.

Requirements and tools


The templates will work out of the box, but we recommend you install the Bourbon stack if you want to roll your own.

Tools and services

Why not take advantage of everything at your disposal to make life easier? Here are a few key services we've used.